ATM Installation / Deployment

Learn best practices for ATM installation and deployment, plus get news and information about companies that provide installation/deployment services.

Bill Payment Kiosks

Self-service bill payment kiosks enable consumers to pay electric, water, cable, phone and other bills at convenient retail locations. Bill payment kiosks are often used by unbanked consumers and those who simply prefer to pay bills in cash.

Customer Experience

Learn how interactive kiosks and self-service technology can be used to shape positive customer experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Custom Kiosks

There are many turnkey kiosks on the market, but sometimes you need something made just for you. With custom kiosks, you can get exactly the design and functionality you want. Learn what it takes to have a successful custom kiosk deployment.

Digital Signage

Signage is no longer a static affair — today, dynamic digital signage can compel customers, extend the brand and boost the bottom line.

Display Technology

Display technology moves at the speed of light — literally. New innovations enable brighter displays, better interactivity, and an improved relationship between your business and your customers.

DVD Movie Rental Kiosks

DVD rental kiosks are almost everywhere and renting movies has never been more convenient. For retailers, DVD kiosks offer a low-footprint option to generate high foot traffic.

Employee Self-Service / HR Kiosks

HR departments can use self-service kiosks to serve employees who don't have at-work computer access. HR kiosks can take job applications, provide access to benefits and payroll information, inform employees about company news and events, and more.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electrical vehicle charging stations are popping up along highways, retail properties and business and industry locations to support the soaring electric vehicle market. The variety of chargers continues to increase as technology supports faster charging capability. Chargers come in a variety of sizes, charging capacities and technical specifications.

Turnkey Kiosks

Need a complete kiosk solution that includes the enclosure, hardware, software, monitoring and integration? Many turnkey kiosks on the market offer applications such as bill payment, HR, wayfinding and more.

Government Kiosks / Self-Service

Government agencies on local, state and national levels are increasingly using self-service kiosk technology to provide better service to citizens at a lower cost to taxpayers.

Kiosk Hardware / Kiosk Components

Kiosks can have many hardware components that all need to be durable and reliable. In addition to a CPU and a monitor, your kiosk might have a receipt printer, card reader, barcode scanner, keyboard, cash acceptor/dispenser or other device.

Healthcare Kiosks / Hospital Kiosks

Learn how hospitals and other healthcare facilities are using self-service kiosks to provide a better patient experience and better patient care.

Hotel Kiosks / Self-Service

Hotels use kiosks to serve their guests in many ways: Check-in kiosks that speed up registration; Concierge kiosks that give info on local dining and attractions; Airline kiosks that print boarding passes; and more.

Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit

Interactive / Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen displays are an intergral part of many interactive kiosks. Learn about the latest advances in touch screen kiosk technology.

Kiosk Branding

Maximize the branding potential of your kiosk deployment. Discover how kiosks can increase brand awareness and inspire brand loyalty.

Kiosk Design

Poor design can doom any kiosk project. To create an irresistable kiosk, designers must consider form and function. Intelligent kiosk design will consider application, location, form, hardware, and software.

Kiosk Enclosures

Creating the right kiosk enclosure involves evaluating materials - including metal, wood, plastic, glass, and fiberglass - for both functionality and aesthetics. Issues such as location, accessibility and cost can dictate which enclosure is best.

Kiosk Printers

Printers are one of the most mechanically complex items in any kiosk. Whether they're printing receipts, tickets or something else, their quality can make or break the kiosk experience for a customer.

Kiosk Manufacturers / Kiosk Companies

Keep up with the latest news and announcements from kiosk manufacturers and other companies in the kiosk business.

Kiosk Networking & Connectivity / Wireless Kiosks

Quietly working inside of every electronic kiosk is a fast flurry of network activity. Learn more in the Kiosk Networking & Connectivity/Wireless Kiosks Research Center. 

Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor kiosks can streamline processes that can otherwise require long wait times or inefficient searching. Use cases include wayfinding, pubic information, bill payment, ticketing, check-in, parking management, digital signage, product dispensing, energy replenishment and more.

Photo Kiosks

The photo kiosk remains one of the most-deployed kiosk applications. Advanced capabilities such as scrapbooking and creating DVDs mean consumers continue to find photo kiosks useful, and deployers continue to find them profitable.

Kiosk Repair and Service

Learn best practices for kiosk service and maintenance to ensure maximum uptime for your kiosks.

Restaurant Kiosks / Self-Service

Many quick service restaurants use self-order kiosks to increase speed of service, improve order accuaracy and boost profits. But the benefits of restaurant kiosks don't end there and are not limited to the fast food giants.

Retail Kiosks & Self-Service

Learn how many retailers -- both large and small -- are incorporating kiosks and other self-service solutions into their business models.


Self-checkout - one of the most ubiquitous self-service applications on the market - has won over customers and has saved retailers tons of money in the process.

Kiosk Software

Every kiosk depends on software to run its systems and perform. Learn how kiosk software manufacturers deploy their products in the marketplace.

Transportation / Travel / Airport Kiosks

Whether you're travelling by plane, train or automobile, self-service kiosks can get you on your way faster and easier. Learn more about the uses of kiosks in the transportation/travel industry.

Kiosk / Self-Service Trends, Statistics & Market Data

Looking for the latest trends and statistics for the self-service kiosk industry? You're in the right place.

Vending Kiosks

From chewing gum to iPods, vending kiosks offer customers convenient access to a wide array of merchandise wherever they are and can open up a whole new sales channel for many consumer brands.

Wayfinding / Information Kiosks

Discover how business are using wayfinding/information kiosks to help customers, employees and others find an item in a store, an office in a skyscraper, a ride at an amusement park, and much more.

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