WEBINAR: Creating a State-of-the-Art Video Wall: A case study from UC Riverside

Higher education institutions are taking digital signage beyond on-campus wayfinding and announcements, using large-scale video walls to create high-tech educational and entertainment experiences for students.

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How to get an education kiosk using grants

Kiosks can help students check in to school and find where they need to go. They also provide event information to the school community. There are both public and private resources available to help pay for these valuable tools.

Kiosk showcases Virginia Tech’s land-grant mission

When the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) went looking for an effective way to communicate their mission as a land-grant institution to visitors, it didn’t take long to find a solution.

Windows of opportunity: How kiosks are supporting underserved and neglected populations

Although many consumers equate kiosks with convenience and the offering of supplemental services, kiosk technology often plays a pivotal role in delivering critical information or services that sometimes cannot be garnered any other way.

College classrooms restricting tech and other signs of the Apocalypse

Technology problems can be solved by turning away from “bring your own device” and toward purposed device deployment.

Interactive kiosks are making an impact in schools

There is no doubt that technology has infiltrated our schools and I am happy that it did. I'm in my thirties, and the school I attended was vastly different from my nine-year-old's school.

Interactive holographic window at Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School

Winner of the Digital Screenmedia Association Industry Excellence Award for best education self-service kiosk project. 

Interactive window lets students see through to the future (Video)

A Florida middle school puts a high-tech twist on a wayfinding and information kiosk.

Kiosks ease workflow on college campuses

During tough economic times, more people return to school. College enrollment has spiked as the country continues to dig itself out of the recession.

Interactive exhibit creates expedition to the Titanic (Video)

Digital signage and kiosks at the Mystic (Conn.) Aquarium take visitors along to explore the wreck of the Titanic.

Kids learning about farming via kiosks

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture deploys five mobile kiosks to spread the word about agriculture.

Interactive technology strikes it big with bowling fans

Hands-on exhibits featuring kiosks are attracting visitors of all ages to the 25-year-old museum.

Top 10 Ways to utilize educational kiosks on campus

There are plenty of Top 10 lists out there. Some are based on cold, hard facts.

Kiosks, digital signage help history go hi-tech

Kiosk and screen media are invading museums around the world, and this museum near Cincinnati is no exception.

Museum uses interactive digital signs to revive medieval Cracow

An ultramodern, underground museum uses interactive signage to show visitors the past of the historic Polish city.

Libraries get a read on self-serve check-in/checkout kiosks

Tight budgets and staff constraints have libraries successfully installing self-serve check-in, checkout systems.

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