By setting up a Windows® computer to collect customer information, ski and snowboard equipment rental shops are able to streamline their process using the Rezo Systems application and KioWare® for Windows kiosk system software.

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KIOSK Information Systems | World Leader in Self-Service Solutions

Complete professional services from passionate experts.

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Trends in Retail Displays

More and more, retail displays are seeking to create a multisensory experience to get their message across.

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Customized greeting cards personally crafted by kiosks

Sending a birthday or Christmas card can be a daunting task. You go through each card that has an interesting illustration only to open it up and find the actual "greeting" rather cheesy or inappropriate. Card Isle is attempting to fix this issue with a self-service kiosk that lets users create customized greeting card.

Apple Pay and interactive kiosks

The next wave of major innovation to self-service kiosk solutions is the integration of mobile payment solutions, such as Apple Pay.

Kiosks go SoLoMo: A look at the trends of 2013

The integration of mobile technology and social media played key roles in the kiosk industry's growth in 2013.

Kodak Alaris opens photo kiosks to developers

The company plans to use the developer program to monetize images from photo apps that lack printing capabilities.

Kodak Alaris: A consumer photo business reborn

Executives from Kodak Alaris discuss how the age-old company has emerged a leaner, more focused enterprise.

The many functions of multitouch

One of the newest kiosk technologies is the multitouch system that allows multiple touch points to be functional on the screen at the same time, meaning that two or more points of contact on the screen can be controlling functionality...

Polaroid Fotobar powers kiosks with Chrome

In the heyday of slide film, the word "chrome" was used to describe slide film. As film trails off into the sunset, Polaroid Fotobar executives are hoping Chrome will be a winner in the digital age.

An observation of modern photo kiosk usage

Executives from Storefront.com share takeaways from their observations in the photo trenches.

Kodak President: Internal buyout a 'win-win'

Eastman Kodak Co. announced an innovative bankruptcy emergence plan today, involving the spin off of its Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging Businesses to the U.K.

The kiosk and self-service top 5 (so far)

Here's a roundup of the most-read kiosk and self-service stories of 2013 (so far).

The future of self-service in retail

As the definition of self-service broadens, so too are its applications for retail.

Coinstar banking on automated retail

Coinstar's kiosk lineup targets automated retail in new markets.

Kodak Q&A: 'We're a memory company'

A Kodak exec explains how their photo kiosks will go beyond images to become multipurpose content and media stations.

Photo kiosk report from CES

Amid the 150,000 attendees wandering through 2,500 booths at the 2013 International CES, there was a little action in photo kiosks. Now that the Consumer Electronics Association has partnered with the Photo Marketing Association (PMA), there is a dedicated photography area at the LVH (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton).

Photo kiosks: A look ahead at 2013

With a tumultuous 2012 nearly behind us, let's look ahead at photo kiosk trends for the next year. Going social Social media continues to gain a lot of attention, and photos are big driver of that trend. Next year, look...

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The photo kiosk remains one of the most-deployed kiosk applications. Advanced capabilities such as scrapbooking and creating DVDs mean consumers continue to find photo kiosks useful, and deployers continue to find them profitable.