Self-Service Technology Buyer's Guide

This guide is a one-of-a-kind document meant to give people curious about self-service hardware, software or other types of tech, a clear idea about what to do when looking for a solution.

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SZZT Your Perfect iODM Business Partner

SZZT is the top leading supplier of kiosk who can provide one-stop shop service solutions including industry design, structure design, parts customization, cabinet production and machine fabrication.

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Volta Digital Hybrid Charging Stations

Peerless-AV® Works with Volta Industries to Create Custom Charging Stations for Retail Centers in the Chicagoland Area

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3 keys to improving outdoor kiosk reliability (before you install)

Ruggedized workstation and kiosk experts look at three main areas that can often create problems for those deploying outdoor kiosks or workstations.

Bring the courts to the people with kiosks

Court kiosks help courts and government agencies do more with less.

Arizona ADOT kiosks win PACE award

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division recently received the 2014 Public Affairs and Consumer Education (PACE) Award for the installation of self-service, interactive touchscreen kiosks that perform ServiceArizona transactions in more than half the MVD offices across the state.

Cincinnati Chevy dealer drives the tablet trend forward

Kiosks utilizing Microsoft Surface Pro tablets created an engaging showroom environment.

Top 5 ways tablet kiosks convert showroomers to customers

Retailers need to find new ways to surprise and delight showrooming store visitors. One way to engage and entertain them is with affordable tablet kiosks, saving them time and providing rewards like unique in-store specials, activities and loyalty benefits. Affordable and portable tablet kiosks are an easy way to engage showrooming store visitors.

The top 5 reasons to deploy a tablet kiosk

The widespread adoption of tablet computers has changed the way consumers engage with companies in every type of business. No longer passively waiting for product information from employees, consumers have taken back control of their own purchase and service research...

The iPad kiosk debate continues

After reviewing the responses to my last blog, I thought it might be better to compile my responses into a new blog rather than address each comment separately in the comments section. I'm going to try to cover the most salient comments below.

Why Penn's wine kiosk failed: Part 2

In this series, we have been discussing why the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Wine Kiosk project failed. In this post, we will focus on the more than 1,000 kiosk malfunctions that served as a critical blow to the project. Complex kiosk system First, let's discuss the process of the wine kiosks.

iPad kiosks: The cheap, unreliable kiosk solution

My company has been experimenting with iPad kiosks for about a year now, because we wanted to test the feasibility of using them for streamlined kiosk projects that, if successful, could pave the way for an easy to replace all-in-one...

Department store deploys Olea kiosks

Bon-Ton has placed more than 100 kiosks throughout its stores to engage customers.

Scoring a homerun with self-service

As I've worked with retailers on self-service strategy, I find that sometimes people become so focused on the technology that they miss the obvious. For self-service to be successful and highly adopted it has to have a triple value promise to customers, the business and the employees.

Why tablets can't fully replace stand-alone kiosks

Tablet kiosks are becoming popular, and business owners naturally want to catch up on the trends. But tablet kiosks aren't the fix-all that businesses would like them to be, and they have several built-in limitations that aren't immediately noticeable. Before...

Ipad kiosks giving bank a trendy vibe

Self-service technology helps customers conduct banking and work presentations in a laid-back setting.

Commentary: The importance of securing kiosk hardware, enclosures

Designers of self-service systems should give careful consideration to hardware that controls and affects access to the enclosure.

CETW: An update to SlideBuy POP digital sign

Ron Bowers from Frank Mayer & Associates demonstrated modifications to the SlideBuy, a movable digital sign, at Customer Engagement Technology World.

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Creating the right kiosk enclosure involves evaluating materials - including metal, wood, plastic, glass, and fiberglass - for both functionality and aesthetics. Issues such as location, accessibility and cost can dictate which enclosure is best.