Maintenance and other considerations for outdoor kiosks

With kiosks finding more uses in more location types, the demand for outdoor kiosks continues to grow, posing a set of special considerations. An industry veteran offers some useful tips.


10 reasons to attend the 2017 ICX Summit

If you are responsible for improving customer engagement for your organization, here are 10 reasons you should make your way to Texas for the ICX Summit.

ADA lawsuits targeting kiosks, part 3: assistive technologies make inroads

Assistive technology for the disabled has improved and become more pervasive in recent years, offering an opportunity for kiosk manufacturers to better serve an important customer base and meet ADA requirements.

ADA lawsuits targeting kiosks, part 2: why legal confusion reigns

A lack of clarity in the Americans with Disabilities Act has led to numerous instances where people with disabilities have encountered problems when trying to use self-serve kiosks. Lawsuits have claimed that the kiosks have not met ADA requirements.

ADA lawsuits targeting kiosks: part 1

Because the ADA does not specify how kiosks should accommodate the visually impaired, the industry is challenged in how to comply with the law's mandate. Lawsuits on behalf of visually impaired individuals could clarify what measures kiosk manufacturers should take to improve access for the visually impaired.

Vending/micro market veteran ready to take on Amazon Go

A vending/micro market veteran has developed a technology, featuring artificial intelligence, he believes will disrupt the consumer goods distribution industry.

Kiosks changing the game in more industries

A self-serve kiosk that eliminates the wait to order and pay for food at an employee cafeteria is only the latest example of how kiosks are changing established industries.

How self-serve kiosks can rescue corporate dining — part 2: how the solution came to be

While self-serve kiosks allow corporate dining locations to eliminate the cashier and improve the speed of service for customers, there had been no "off-the-shelf" solution - until now.

Versatility gives interactive digital signage kiosks greater reach

Digital signage content management software has enhanced the versatility of kiosks featuring video content. Wayfinding, tourism and 'smart cities' applications are among the first to benefit.

How self-serve kiosks can rescue corporate dining — part 1

The self-serve kiosk rewrites the economics of corporate dining.

Urban repopulation fuels 'smart cities' kiosks, Olea Kiosks report notes

The repopulation of urban centers has encouraged governments to improve access to transportation and various types of public information. Smart cities kiosks are playing a major role in this urban transformation.

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TNS 2017 Payment Predictions Infographic – Mobile, ATMs, Kiosks, Security and Much More

In the last 2 years digital payments have played out a dramatic first act and look set to continue to be a significant influence on this payments industry. This infographic takes a look at how the payments landscape might shape up this year.

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Hotel Kiosks help Secure Guest Comfort

As travelers become more aware of the risk of data breaches, decision-makers throughout the hospitality industry are working double time to provide solutions with security in mind.

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Microcom Corporation Presents: 203 DPI versus 300 DPI


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Cash Recyclers in the Branch Environment

TCF Bank identified currency recycling as an emerging technology that could have a significant, positive impact on branch operations.

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For M3T, Reliability was a Critical Concern

Original Equipment Manufacturer cash dispensers and excellent service from ARCA help kiosk manufacturer: - Provide reliable and quality products to their customers - Keep repair costs low - Test and select the best cash dispensers on the market  

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TurnKey Kiosks Needed Flexible Software and ARCA Was Pliable

Kiosk manufacturer needed a no-nonsense partner and ARCA delivered: - Industry expertise leading to reduced development times - Software solutions for a variety of systems - The most reliable cash dispensers on the market

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