Versatility gives interactive digital signage kiosks greater reach

Digital signage content management software has enhanced the versatility of kiosks featuring video content. Wayfinding, tourism and 'smart cities' applications are among the first to benefit.


EV charging rates reach new heights, expanding options for a rapidly growing industry

Numerous factors are influencing the rapid growth of EV charging stations. Faster charging technology is expanding options for property owners interested in installing chargers. Various business models have also emerged.

Changing kiosk technology brings new verticals and applications, part 2: the pace accelerates

Evolving kiosk technology has accelerated innovation, creating more opportunities for kiosks to facilitate tasks for businesses and organizations. Part 2 in this series explores examples of emerging applications.

Changing kiosk technology brings new verticals and applications, part 1

Evolving technology and declining costs create opportunities for kiosks to serve more markets. Industry leaders are keeping a close eye on new verticals and applications in existing verticals.

Kiosk Marketplace announces the first annual Most Innovative Kiosk Awards

The first annual Kiosk Marketplace Most Innovative Kiosk Awards honors excellence in eight customer categories. More than 400 readers filled out ballots and voted for the most innovative kiosk to determine the winners.

The next big thing in self service solutions: interactive EV charging kiosks

The rise in electric cars on the road will encourage production of electric vehicle charging stations as the success of electric cars will be dependent on the availability of EV charging stations. Charging station providers will need to account for the cost of installing stations, functionality, weatherproofing and getting power to the site.

Kiosk translates in sign language to assist hard of hearing customers

Juke Slot develops a kiosk that offers sign language for hard of hearing customers, a significant market with special needs. One customer's experience alerted the company to the need.

How self-serve kiosks get the orders rolling at Burger Boss

Burger Boss, a fast casual chain in Southern California, has found self-serve kiosks a great tool for engaging customers in creating their orders and in improving speed, accuracy and overall satisfaction.

How to get an education kiosk using grants

Kiosks can help students check in to school and find where they need to go. They also provide event information to the school community. There are both public and private resources available to help pay for these valuable tools.

FastCasual's parent company launching

Networld Media Group will launch on April 1. It will cover industry trends and news, profile business owners and explore the technologies and tools available to help operators grow their businesses.

How kiosks make Valentine's Day sweeter for florists, gift card merchants and others

Kiosks play an increasingly important role on Valentine's Day for florists, gift card merchants and others. For florists, Valentine's Day is the single busiest day of the year.

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PanelPCs: Evolving To Meet The Needs of Kiosks Systems of Tomorrow

All-In-One PanelPCs today serve an increasingly diverse set of application requirements for Kiosk systems. The simple one-touch PanelPCs are mov-ing to more complex screen functionality with two-way interaction and pro-visions to facilitate data analytics. As the requirements evolve, the technolo-gy for these systems continues to adapt.

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2017 Kiosk Marketplace Most Innovative Kiosk Awards

Kiosk Marketplace announces the winners of its inaugural Kiosk Marketplace Most Innovative Kiosk Awards, with six nominees taking honors in eight customer categories based on votes from Kiosk Marketplace readers.

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Whether you are the go-to IT guru at your organization, or the savvy professional looking to implement self-service tech into your business, this document is a great place to start in addressing your IT concerns.

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Hotel Kiosks help Secure Guest Comfort

As travelers become more aware of the risk of data breaches, decision-makers throughout the hospitality industry are working double time to provide solutions with security in mind.

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Travel Kiosks: Paving a Path to Higher Profits

Whether customers get from place to place by plane, train or automobile, they're moving faster than ever through the growing amount of stations and airports that use travel kiosks to help speed along customer service.

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Self Service Kiosks: Configuring the Right I/O & Reliability Features in a Compact Embedded Computer

IBM Corporation required a reliable embedded computer solution for an airline self service kiosk. With a minimum of 5 years product lifespan, a long lifecy-cle support for the system components was needed.

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