Self-order kiosks make a big splash at NRA Show

Restaurants are driving much of the kiosk industry's growth, including partnerships among kiosk providers and POS software specialists.


CONNECT Summit to tackle mobile technology's impact on restaurants, retail

Jayson Tipp, Nikki Baird among the keynote speakers for the fourth annual executive event.

NRA 2017 in photos: Editors share top highlights

The editors of FastCasual, Pizza Marketplace, QSRWeb and Food Truck Operator share some highlights from the 2017 NRA show in Chicago.

Hacked digital signage displays porn in Union Station

Commuters at Union Station got a little more than they asked for when a recently installed display began to play porn videos.

Technology fuels demand for industrial supply distribution systems, part 2: computer peripherals

As more companies provide employees with computers, managing computer peripherals has become a growing sector for providers of worksite product distribution.

Technology fuels demand for industrial supply distribution systems, part 1

Technology developed in the kiosk industry has application in inventory control and distribution, a market that is rapidly expanding worldwide.

EMV’s impact on kiosk owners, part 2; merchant operators have time to comply

Recognizing merchants have encountered difficulty integrating EMV compliant payment equipment, credit card issuers have postponed chargebacks for fraudulent purchases on non-compliant equipment. Compliance, however, will benefit all parties by reducing credit card fraud.

Digital signage boosts fast casual customer experience

Digital signage isn't just a pretty display, it's also a tool to boost sales, customer experience and more. Fast casual and quick-serve restaurants are continuing to tap into the many possibilities of digital signage, from localized marketing to loyalty program integration.

Special Report: 'tipping point' on the way for restaurant self-serve kiosks

A special report explores the growing interest by restaurants in self order kiosks. While determining return on investment poses challenges, the market is changing and restaurants must consider their options.

203 vs. 300 DPI for printers: an updated guide

Switching from 203 to 300 DPI is based on the specific user need. An expert reviews the key considerations that determine which DPI best suits your application.

EMV’s impact on kiosk owners, part 1

The US trails other markets in converting to the more secure EMV protocol for equipment that accepts credit cards. Credit card brands have issued cards with electronic chips, but adoption of EMV compliant equipment has not kept pace with consumers.

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What is a Kiosk?

In this industry, its always good to start with the basics. Kiosk Manufacturers and providers should never make the assumption that potential customers/clients know exactly what a kiosk is. This infographic seeks to explain.

Type: Infographic

Sponsor: SlabbKiosks

Adding Video Conferencing To Your Kiosk Is Easier & More Secure Than Ever Before

KioWare® for Windows now offers integrated and easy to configure KioCall™ on demand video conferencing. With the click of a few buttons, you can add a call button allowing your kiosk users to call a preset user, requesting customer service and assistance, or offering other interactive video solutions on demand.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: KioWare

The IT Specialists Guide to Self-Service Technology

This is an abridged guide for Information Technology (IT) professionals working with an industry (healthcare, human resources, education, etc.) that is looking to deploy a self-service kiosk or solution in their facility.

Type: Guide

Sponsor: Advanced Kiosks

Employee Self-Service & Self-Service Kiosks

The rapid rate at which Human Resource departments are evolving is forcing a paradigm shift in HR professionals who have often assumed the roles of compliance managers, benefits administrators, paperwork processors, policy and procedure educators and recruiters...

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Advanced Kiosks

Gain Competitive Advantage with Wireless Roaming

Explore how a new multi-carrier roaming SIM solution can help improve the performance of wireless POS terminal fleets

Type: Infographic

Sponsor: Transaction Network Services

IoT Platform - Beyond Basic Device Management

Banyan Hills Technologies (Banyan) provides technology services in combination with Canopy™ our Internet of Things (IoT) platform to support companies taking large networks of devices to market.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Banyan Hills Technologies

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