ViaTouch automated retail solution to feature EyeLock iris recognition

EyeLock LLC, a provider of iris-based identity authentication solutions, has integrated its embedded iris recognition technology into VICKI, an automated retail solution from ViaTouch Media. VICKI, an Internet of Things, self-checkout solution, uses artificial intelligence, including audio commands, and biometric identification technology, according to a press release.

"With a multitude of innovations included in this machine, the addition of EyeLock iris authentication technology creates an even greater separation between VICKI and current vending solutions," EyeLock CEO Jeff Carter said in the press release. "In particular, it provides a level of security significantly greater than fingerprint or facial recognition." 

The inclusion of EyeLock's embedded technology gives consumers and businesses a fast, simple experience and the assurance that their transactions will be secure. 

VICKI marks one of the first retail solutions to leverage AI at the point of sale. VICKI can recognize and authenticate consumers, learn their preferences and then act on them, serving as a virtual clerk. The retailing system features smart shelves that know what and how much each contains, what products consumers look at, what they take, put back and view on display. In addition, VICKI communicates with consumers via directional speakers, so conversations are only between the machine and consumer. 

"VICKI uses a combination of computer vision, patented sensors and artificial intelligence, making it the world's first AI virtual clerk at the point of sale. In ViaTouch's collaboration with EyeLock and First Data, we are able to provide convenience, value and security second to none," ViaTouch Media CEO Tom Murn said. 

Initial VICKI deployments will be launched at university campuses, hotels, hospitals and selected retail partners.

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