App controlled single product vending machine debuts

Cerevo Inc., a consumer electronics manufacturer, has introduced Qvie, a connected, cashless, single product vending machine with 4G/3G connectivity. Cerevo, based in Tokyo, developed Qvie to provide a new revenue opportunity for businesses. Qvie's prototypes were displayed at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and the machine will be available for purchase in mid-2018.

Qvie consists of an individually designed cargo unit that holds a single product, such as snacks, beverages, t-shirts, mobile chargers, etc., and a head unit with an electronic display for confirming payment settlement. One head unit can manage multiple cargo units.

Purchases are made using a mobile app. When the user activates payment on their mobile app, Qvie's door automatically opens and the user can then remove the product. 

Qvie owners will manage information such as the number and frequency of door openings, when products were sold and how many were sold, through their smartphone in real time.

Qvie will operate for one month on its lithium ion battery once the battery is charged so owners do not have to worry about a power supply or network connection.

Photo courtesy of Cerevo.

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