Walmart consumers pay attention to advertising on pharmacy health care kiosks

Visitors at Walmart stores who watched advertising at in-store health care kiosks watched for an average of four minutes, according to Pursuant Health, a health care provider that operates a network of 3,400 health screening kiosks nationwide. Pursuant Health surveyed 300 individuals living or working within 15 miles of Walmart stores where an advertising campaign for Traditional Medicinal Teas was displayed, according to a press release.

Considering that 65 percent of consumers skip typical online video ads, four minutes is a significant amount of time, and it demonstrates the value of retail health kiosks as a platform for health and wellness marketers to reach captive audiences with targeted campaigns, the press release noted.

Of the respondents who visited the pharmacy at the Walmart locations, 94 percent recalled the health screening kiosk. Of those who were kiosk-aware, 91 percent recalled the TV screen above the kiosk and 93 percent recalled the touchscreen.

Furthermore, 73 percent of the respondents aware of the TV or touchscreen remembered ads for Traditional Medicinal Teas. The majority of kiosk-aware pharmacy visitors also recalled seeing Traditional Medicinal Teas products displayed on the side of the kiosk.

Topics: Advertising, Customer Experience, Display Technology, Healthcare / Hospitals, Interactive / Touchscreen, Kiosk Branding, Pharmacy / Drug Kiosks, Retail

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