Advanced Kiosks introduces multi-functional kiosk for retail and foodservice

Advanced Kiosks has introduced its Merchant Max Kiosk for foodservice, retail, movie theaters and other high traffic sales settings, according to a press release. The kiosk allows customers to place and pay for orders, which can be customized to fit specific customer tastes. The kiosk can also advertise promotions and events.

The standard Merchant Max includes a 32-inch vertical, dual-touch screen; a 100 percent steel chassis; an Intel i3 core processor; 4GB DDR3 memory; 120GB solid state drive; Wi-Fi with a tamper-proof high gain antenna; and stereo speakers.

The unit comes preloaded with Advanced Kiosks' Zamok software suite, which includes homepage lockdown, real-time security and performance monitoring, system restore capability and cloud computing that enables the user to manage all of their kiosks from any computer or smartphone.

"In the rush to automate, a lot of retail and foodservice settings were quick to adopt the sort of cheap self-service alternatives that amount to glorified tablets," Howard Horn, Advanced Kiosks president, said in the press release. "Consider the round-the-clock customer service demands of your average fast food or retail setting, and it's easy to see why those alternatives were something they came to regret. Unlike those alternatives, every Merchant Max is constructed from 100 percent commercial grade components that are fully prepared for the day-to-day rigors of heavy usage."

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