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We are a self-service technology company, focused on interactive computer kiosks, but at the very core of it all, we are problem solvers. Advanced Kiosks was built up through its parent company H32, an organization that takes on challenges for its customers, and designs the solutions they need by utilizing years of experience & expertise across many engineering disciplines.

So, when you come to us with a question or a prospective project, remember, we are not here to simply sell you a kiosk. We want to help you overcome a challenge, exceed your goals, and succeed for years to come. Your success is our success and we emphasize that fact from the beginning of the process through the lifetime of your interactive kiosks. The journey to getting the tools you need, whether it is hardware, software, kiosk related or not, begins here.

Products and Services

Merchant Max Kiosk

Retailers in all markets are delivering self service in a new, modern and engaging form with the Merchant Max Kiosk. The commanding height, large touch screen and illuminated halo make it inviting and hard to miss. This sleek design is created with a minimal footprint to allow for use in tight spaces and still make a big splash! Learn more »

Pedestal Kiosk

The Pedestal Kiosk is a touch screen kiosk that enhances any lobby, interactive exhibit, or open space in need of a modern touch. With its 46” horizontal, touch screen monitor, this interactive kiosk has been known to make a statement when providing information for visitors to your location. Learn more »

Tower Kiosk

The Tower Kiosk for airports and high traffic locations. Designed to stand above the crowd and get noticed - delivering self service solutions for travel needs, status updates, way finding, events, transportation, lodging and more!  Learn more »

Compact Power Kiosk

The Compact Power Kiosk is a cutting-edge, wall mounted computer kiosk that is often selected for its superior value. Learn more »

Countertop Kiosk

The Countertop is a multi-touch, computer kiosk with a user-friendly adjustable monitor and was designed for businesses, hospitals, churches, and other industries where convenience is key and space might be limited. Learn more »

Document Kiosk

The Document Kiosk is the only self service kiosk on the market today that has a full size thermal printer and (optional) flatbed scanner. If your organization is interested in taking a step in the direction of the paperless movement, the Document Kiosk can meet that need using self service technology to collect and transmit information digital Learn more »

Enviro Outdoor Kiosk

The Enviro Kiosk is a state-of-the-art, outdoor touch screen kiosk designed for extreme climates – from the dry harsh and hot deserts to the frozen, windy and bitter New England winters. We are so confident in this kiosk machine’s reliability that we include our 3 year warranty with every model. Learn more »

Freestanding Kiosk

The most flexible kiosk machine on the market Learn more »

Monolith Kiosk

A large interactive touchscreen takes advertising to a whole new level. Learn more »

Ticketing Kiosk

The Ticketing Kiosk was designed to provide a better self-service ticket solution for the entertainment industry, as well as to better cater to the food and beverage industry as a touch screen ordering kiosk. Learn more »

Retail Kiosk

The Retail Kiosk was designed to provide a variety of services to your customers while saving valuable floor space as an easy-to-install wall mounted unit.  Learn more »
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