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Interactive kiosks connect with consumers at retail. The kiosk experience includes online sales, product demonstrations, consumer behavior tracking, mobile applications, employment and much more.

Focused on delivering successful kiosk solutions, our onsite services include design and industrial engineering; production quality prototyping; quality-driven production, integration and fulfillment; shipping and distribution.

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Products and Services

Hillman Pet ID Kiosk

Hillman Group’s I.D. Spot kiosk allows customers to create their own affordable, custom-engraved pet I.D. tags instantly. Learn more »

Cabela's In-Store Product Demonstrator

The state-of-the-art display guides consumers through hundreds of firearms in an immersive 55-inch touch screen display. Never before have customers had the ability to interact and compare models side-by-side in an intuitive environment. Learn more »

QSR Self-Service Kiosks

Engaging customers with a convenient and efficient ordering process, self-ordering kiosks are gaining momentum. Learn more »

LaCie In-line Merchandising Display

LaCie premium external storage brand promotes high-tech product line at retail with in-line displays. Learn more »

Embed Interactive Game Card Kiosk

Embed is a worldwide provider of solutions for the gaming, entertainment, amusement and leisure industries. Learn more »

Braven Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Display

Braven Bluetooth® audio brand expands their wireless speakers line at retail with demonstration displays. Learn more »

Creative Kingdoms Gaming Kiosk

Interactive gaming has catapulted to a new level with the Creative Kingdoms gaming kiosk.  Learn more »

Clorox® Pool&Spa™ Self-Test Tablet Station

Clorox Pool & Spa is making the self-service experience for consumers even easier.  Learn more »

Shell Fuel Rewards® Kiosk

The Shell Fuel Rewards® Kiosk was designed to make it easier for Shell customers to join the Fuel Rewards program and activate their Fuel Rewards cards quickly and easily within participating Shell stations. Learn more »

Transitions Optical Interactive Demonstrators

Transitions Optical Interactive Lens Demonstrators showcase the variety of photochromic lens options available and simulate outdoor UV rays to allow consumers to experience the lenses in action. Learn more »

Nintendo® Wii U™ Interactive Retail Display

Introduced and launched into retail stores nationwide, the Nintendo® Wii U™ Interactive display allows consumers to engage with the gaming system in a retail setting. Learn more »

Macy’s Department Store Kiosk

Placed in Macy’s department stores, this retail kiosk offers shoppers an “endless-aisle” experience across various categories. Learn more »

License Renewal Kiosk

ITI self-service kiosks provide self assisted, full-service capabilities at these DMV sites. Each ITI self-contained terminal houses fully integrated systems which allow consumers to complete a variety of DMV transactions. Learn more »

BMW Wireless Kiosk

BMW's automotive kiosk provides a combination of a portable kiosk solution and wireless technology. Learn more »

Giant Foods Shopping Solutions Kiosk

Giant Foods creates your own Personal Shopping Experience. Learn more »

John Deere Live!

John Deere has leveraged the technology investment they made in a very sophisticated company website and offered greater value to their retail customers at the same time. Learn more »

Drug Collection Kiosk

MedReturn, LLC is committed to providing a safe, simple, secure and environmentally friendly way to help law enforcement agencies and communities collect unwanted or expired household medication.  Learn more »
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