Kiosk Marketplace to publish comprehensive industry report, seeks your input

| by Elliot Maras
Kiosk Marketplace to publish comprehensive industry report, seeks your input


In the interest of improving the self-serve kiosk industry, Kiosk Marketplace is seeking help from its readers in publishing an annual report called the Kiosk Marketplace Census that will provide statistics on the industry’s size and scope. Readers are being asked to click here to fill out a questionnaire that will assist the Kiosk Marketplace staff in compiling the first annual census.

The census will be presented on the Kiosk Marketplace website in the fall. The annual census will provide a helpful planning tool for companies serving the industry.

The purpose of the census is to deliver a quantitative summary of the number of kiosks installed in the U.S. and worldwide. The census will also indicate the growth in the number of kiosks in the last year. For those kiosks that sell products and services, it will provide metrics on the number of sales and transactions per kiosk.

The survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out.

Kiosk Marketplace decided to publish the census in response to requests from companies seeking reliable data on the size and growth of the self-serve kiosk industry.

While various research organizations have provided quantitative kiosk industry reports, companies seeking reliable statistics have found varying statistics from the different reports. In addition, many of these reports do not provide good explanations of their methodologies.

Companies active in the kiosk industry – or looking to enter the industry – require reliable information on the industry’s size and growth rate for their business planning.

Participants will be asked questions pertinent to their business segment only: retailer or brands that offer kiosks, hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, component manufacturers and resellers.

The survey will not cover traditional vending machines. It will cover kiosks that dispense products which can be considered vending machines, such as gift and electronic dispensers found in airports. Vending machines not to be included are snack machines, beverage machines and amusement machines.

Kiosk Marketplace encourages recipients to fill out the questionnaires to the best of their ability. A reliable annual census will help companies with their business planning and will ultimately strengthen the quality of the self-serve kiosk industry.

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