Help us define a 'self serve kiosk'

| by Elliot Maras
Help us define a 'self serve kiosk'

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Back in January, Kiosk Marketplace conducted a reader survey on customer understanding of self-serve kiosks. The survey found that readers believe there is generally insufficient public understanding of kiosk capabilities. One problem the survey uncovered was a lack of a clear definition of a "self-serve kiosk."

In an attempt to address this problem, Kiosk Marketplace will establish such a definition, with input from readers. The need to improve customer understanding dovetails with the challenge to identify and dialogue with new markets for kiosks.

As technology creates new capabilities for self-serve kiosks, the industry will benefit from using terminology that facilitates communication within the industry and with customers.   

Please take a few minutes to review the five proposed definitions below and check which one you think best defines the term, "self-serve kiosk."

Kiosk Marketplace will release the results of this survey within a few weeks.

Please check one definition.

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