Clinc introduces AI powered drive-thru and self-service kiosk ordering for QSRs

Clinc, a provider of artificial intelligence technologies for financial institutions, introduced its AI-powered drive-thru and in-store kiosk ordering experience for quick-service restaurants, according to a press release.

The company's conversational AI can eliminate order mistakes and can condense the time elapsed between when an order is placed and when food is handed off.  

Restaurants can leverage Clinc's robust self-service platform to create personalized and contextual conversational experiences across a variety of channels including digital in-store kiosks, drive-thrus, mobile apps, Alexa, Google Home and more.

Clinc's AI extracts context and intent from human interactions and can understand, remember, and respond to a great deal of information from a single utterance in any language and dialect, allowing  for either simple or complex ordering. With Clinc's conversational AI, customers can customize their orders, make substitutions, ask for suggestions, change their order, ask follow up questions and pay for their meals.

"Customers all too often have to repeat their order today with humans," Clinc CEO Dr. Jason Mars said in the press release. "Imagine pulling up to the drive-thru, placing your order, and always getting exactly what you requested — a latte with almond milk, a blueberry muffin and a breakfast sandwich with bacon, hold the cheddar — whatever you ask for, you get."


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