Blog: automation denialism thrives as leaders fail to address need for retraining

A blog posted on Inverse, a site that covers science, innovation, entertainment, technology and culture, criticized President-elect Donald Trump and business leaders for not addressing the need to help workers gain the skills needed for automation.

The blog, by Cory Scarola, an editorial intern covering culture, said many economists and business leaders have claimed automation will create new jobs but fail to note that the newly-created jobs will require new skills and retraining of workers.

Scarola noted that McDonald's, in its recent rollout of self-serve kiosks in many locations, was careful to say the kiosks do not put cashiers' jobs at risk.

Kioskmarketplace recently reported that a Bronx, New York McDonald’s that has deployed self-serve kiosks has actually added jobs.

Topics: Commentary, Restaurants, Trends / Statistics

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