Top 5 stories for November: Reader interests cover diverse retail segments

| by Elliot Maras
Top 5 stories for November: Reader interests cover diverse retail segments

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The five best-read stories in November covered a wide range of kiosk topics, demonstrating the diverse interests of the reader audience. Topics covered a wide scope of retail segments, including supermarkets, ATMs and health care establishments.

Among the five best-read stories, only two were from 2016, indicating the staying power of topics such as self-checkout grocery kiosks, basic kiosk benefits and health care kiosks, all of which were addressed in the past three years.

Following are the top five stories for Kiosk Marketplace for November 2016.

1. Supermarket self-checkout technology approaching tipping point?

The top story for November was a 2014 article on self-checkout kiosks in supermarkets. This is not surprising when one considers that self-checkout kiosks have been making a lot of news as of late, such as McDonald’s plans to expand its use of self-order kiosks, announced in mid November.

The grocery sector was one of the first retail industries to introduce self-checkout. Since then, it has expanded to department stores, specialty retailers, convenience stores and chain restaurants.

2. 5 benefits of using retail kiosk applications

The second best-read story in November was a 2013 blog by Frank Olea, CEO of Olea Kiosks Inc., on the benefits of using retail kiosks. The blog reviewed the key benefits kiosks provide to retail companies looking to enhance their sales.

The popularity of this blog points to the interest the kiosk industry has in understanding its key selling points. Those benefits, in order of importance, are: 1) improve customer buying experience; 2) increase customer base; 3) reduce the cost of business; 4) gain efficiency through diverse applications; and 5) boost job satisfaction.

3. ATMs: future trends for 2016

The third most popular November story was on 2016 ATM trends, underscoring the importance that ATMs continue to play in the kiosk industry. ATMs were one of the first kiosks to familiarize consumers with the concept of automatic financial transactions.

The ATM industry now faces a lot of change as mobile banking becomes more popular.

Mobile payment is a development that all retail entities have to address. While the adoption of mobile pay is not happening as fast as some expected, ATM operators and other kiosk operators need to respond to changing consumer expectations. Knowing when to change payment options is a serious challenge facing many kiosk operators.

4. In the wake of AVT Inc. bankruptcy, the company’s pioneering retail technology finds new life

The fourth best-read story was the mid November 2016 story about the bankruptcy of AVT Inc., an automated retailing equipment and technology company. The story reported that two companies have emerged in the wake of AVT’s 2015 bankruptcy. One company was established by a former AVT business partner, while the other was formed by a group of investors working with AVT’s founder.

The story also reviewed the pioneering role that AVT played as a retail technology innovator, introducing digital video screens and other technologies, securing numerous patents.

AVT, which operated from 2001 to 2015, introduced machines and technology at a rapid pace. Innovations included a Rug Doctor kiosk, a Marley Coffee kiosk, a propane tank automated exchange system, a plastic bottle recycling rewards kiosk, a Twitter-integrated employee recognition center for IBM and more.

AVT’s bankruptcy was caused by a lawsuit not related to its main business.

5. Self-service technology doctors up health care, part 1

The health care sector, one of the newer kiosk segments, was the subject of the fifth best-read story in November. The story explored how self-service is altering the patient-provider landscape.

Self-service technology is changing the way consumers access health care. It also helps them with the privacy issues they encounter, from the pharmacy desk to the doctor's diagnosis.

The largest group of health care kiosks are automated medicine dispensing systems — kiosks that track and supply medication and are designed to eliminate human error in the workplace. 

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