RV parts manufacturer finds HR kiosks make company more efficient

| by Elliot Maras
RV parts manufacturer finds HR kiosks make company more efficient

The HR kiosk allows employees to access critical information conveniently.

Lippert Components, a manufacturer of RV parts with more than 9,000 employees in 52 locations, has found human resource kiosks a helpful tool for enabling employees to access information. In the last year, the company upgraded from a homemade HR kiosk to one with more secure software. 

Lippert Components initially used the kiosk to provide company orientation videos to its facilities.

Bradley Sink, human resources information systems manager at the Elkhart, Indiana-based company, told Kiosk Marketplace the DynaTouch HR Express kiosk has given the company more control over how employees are using the kiosk. The company has deployed 100 of the kiosks in break rooms and front lobbies.

The company previously used an internally developed kiosk for a couple of years before deciding to seek a more robust system.

"We wanted to make sure they (the employees) couldn't sit at a kiosk for 20 minutes and browse," Sink said. "We wanted to have them use the kiosk for what we wanted them to use it for, and that's it."

"Anything you try to do you can't do unless we allow it," Sink said. "If you tried to go to Facebook or Google or anything like that, it's locked down. They (the users) can't hit the Windows button and get into file shares. What we tell it to do is what it's going to do, and that's it."

The search begins

The company considered the features it was looking for as well as the price before deciding on a vendor. They considered having an iPad on a stand or a free-standing kiosk before deciding on a desktop touchscreen kiosk with a mouse and keyboard.

They explored several vendors' offerings from doing a Google search before deciding on DynaTouch's HR Express kiosk.

One of the company's first objectives was to provide orientation to new employees.

"We wanted to make sure the orientation video was getting out to the plants," Sink said. Once the kiosks were installed, employees began to ask if they could use the kiosk to look at their pay stubs, in addition to other HR related tasks.

There is now at least one kiosk for every one of the company's 52 locations. Some of the larger facilities have as many as 10 kiosks.

Supplier perspective

Vincent Brown, sales manager, commercial sales at DynaTouch, said Lippert's needs were similar to those of other manufacturing clients in that they needed a secure platform to their existing HR web portal without increasing the workload on their internal IT resources.

"Because Lippert had an existing comprehensive HR web portal, our value add was to provide a secure kiosk platform for accessing this portal," said Brown. "Our TIPS cloud kiosk management portal also allows Lippert to efficiently manage their fleet of 100 kiosks by providing a real-time kiosk dashboard with uptime status and usage reporting capability."

The kiosk can also be scaled more easily than the internally developed system the company was using. With their own system, adding more kiosks would require a lot more testing, Sink said.

Improving employee access

Employees are mainly using the kiosks to view and print pay stubs, view vacation hours, see recent announcements and access orientation videos.

The kiosk also gives employees access to safety data sheets.

"We wanted it (the safety information) there out of convenience," Sink said. "It is a lot easier for the employees to get that information."

"If I'm at plant 48, I can go in there and see what plant 48's safety guidelines are," he said.

HR benefits

The kiosk has made the HR department more efficient.

"They (the employees) don't have to go to our HR rep and ask them for a printed copy," Sink said. "Our HR reps are able to sit them down in front of the kiosks and run the video versus making a time for 20 people to go at once and sit in the room with them to make sure that everyone is paying attention."

"It allows the employees to self service themselves versus coming to us for everything," he said. "It takes a lot of the time that employees might spend with an HR rep trying to get information when they could get it themselves just as easily; it takes a lot of that time out of there," he said.

Employees also have more privacy with the kiosk than going to HR.

The kiosk provides a reliable account of how much employees are accessing the information.

"It will tell you how many sessions you get," Sink said. "It's definitely being used enough to where we're satisfied with that amount."

Content is updated periodically. Lippert does all of its own website updates.

After deploying the HR kiosk, the company also purchased some jobs kiosks for recruiting employees which have been placed in shopping malls and taken to job fairs. These are full size kiosks in public environments.

Sink is pleased with the applicants they've gotten from the jobs kiosks, which proved to be an added benefit after installing the HR kiosks.

Photos courtesy of Lippert Components.

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