RFID technology provider introduces self-service top-up stations

The self-serve top-up station is designed for events.
Photo courtesy of Token

Token, an RFID technology provider for events, has introduced self-serve top up stations to enable event attendees to add credits to their RFID wristbands or cards without the assistance of event staff.

The solution will reduce queuing, staffing costs and financial reconciliation time for event organizers, ticketing companies and vendors, according to a press release.

Token's self-service solution eliminates cash and human error while improving both the event experience and the commercial returns for event operators.

Attendees can use self-serve kiosks scattered throughout the event premises to top up their payment method, while organizers can place kiosks as needed, without worrying about ballooning staffing costs, handling cash on-site or financial reconciliation.


Topics: Assisted Selling/POD, Customer Experience, Hardware, Manufacturers, Outdoor Kiosks

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