Maryland defines a 'micro market'

The governor of Maryland, Lawrence J. Hogan Jr., recently signed a law establishing a uniform definition and licensing requirements for a micro market, an unattended retail concept that offers consumers open product shelving and automated cashless payment. 

According to the new law, a micro market is defined as an unstaffed, self-checkout retail foodservice facility that includes one or more micro market displays; has an automated payment kiosk or other device designed to accept electronic payments that the consumer operates; is located indoors and within a separate business; and is generally accessible only to persons within the building in which the foodservice facility is located.

The law includes requirements for how refrigerated or frozen food must be displayed in a micro market.

The law also describes information that must be posted near the electronic payment device. This includes the name of the owner of the micro market, the mailing address, the phone number and the email address.

Operators in Maryland are required to have a micro market license.

"Until this legislation became law, micro markets were undefined by Maryland law," Steve Boucher, president of the MD DC Vending Association and regional director of Canteen, said in testimony before the state legislature.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill in April that established a micro market definition for his state.

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