Kiosk Industry Group Association forms ADA working group

The Kiosk Industry Group Association has formed an ADA committee and an ADA working group, according to a press release.

The group will travel to Washington, D.C. in November to meet with the U.S. Access Board, which is responsible for writing ADA regulations.

The committee will work with the Access Board on an ongoing basis to help better define regulations. It will also work with the ATM Industry Association and the Electronic Transactions Association. Participation in the working group is open to all interested parties.

The ADA committee currently consists of Olea Kiosks, Kiosk Information Systems, Frank Mayer and Associates, KioWare, Turnkey Kiosks and iPadKiosks. 

"Complicating retrofits can be the issue of recertifying for UL," Craig Keefner, manager for Olea Kiosks, said in the press release. "One change to the overall machine can require the new configuration to be re-certified. If someone like Walmart has to change all of its self-checkouts, that's a big change." 

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Companies: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., KIOSK Information Systems, KioWare, Olea Kiosks Inc.,

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