How Mobile Ordering Apps Stack Up

Mobile ordering apps are poised to be a major sales driver for fast casual restaurants, but not all apps are built the same.

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Ultimate Anti-Skimming Card Reader - SIR305-3R0490

Nidec Ultimate Anti-Skimming and Anti-Fishing Technology Card Reader

Type: Fact Sheet

Sponsor: Nidec Sankyo America Corporation

ARCA SID Open Frame High Speed Deposit

Speed and performance in a compact package. Designed as a reliable solution for deposit machines and for high-use kiosk environments, the SID open frame deposit bill validator quickly processes bundles of mixed banknotes using long-edge document processing.

Type: Fact Sheet

Sponsor: ARCA

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Customer experience is defined at new levels during ICX Summit 2017

When brands, retailers and digital experience providers met at the 2017 ICX Summit in Dallas the focus was on defining “what works” to maximize CX approaches.

ICX Summit honors Olea Kiosks and Elevate Award winners in Dallas

Olea Kiosks receives the first annual Kiosk Innovation of the Year Award during the ICX Summit.

Time for an honest discussion about kiosks and future jobs – and the kiosk industry must start it

It's not enough for the kiosk industry to recognize that claims that kiosks are killing jobs are simply false. The kiosk industry needs to protect its reputation to ensure a successful future. A coordinated, industrywide public relations effort is needed.

DSA committee working to outline 'Best Practices' for signage, self-service and kiosks

The newly-formed Digital Screenmedia Association also is consolidating its best practices committees for the self-service, kiosk and digital signage industries.

Digital Signage Association, Self-Service & Kiosk Association merge to form Digital Screenmedia Association

The new association will look for ways to serve users, deployers, vendors, integrators, agencies and network operators in all areas of digital technology applied to audience engagement, including mobile services.

KIOSKCOM: SSKA president V. Miller Newton steps down, announces interim president

The Self-Service & Kiosk Association announces plans for the future as the current president steps down.

KIOSK founder and CEO inducted into Hall of Fame

Rick Malone, who started industry leader KIOSK Information Systems in 1993, recently received an SSKA Hall of Fame award.

Profile: Gregg Kaplan, Coinstar president, COO makes Hall of Fame

The former CEO of redbox is a 2009 inductee to the Self-Service & Kiosk Association's Hall of Fame.

Preview: JustTouchIt 2009, South Africa's first kiosk conference

A world-class sporting event has helped set the stage for the first and only kiosk-industry tradeshow in a growing South African market.

The power of Twitter

The social networking service has stormed the business community. Here's how kiosk and self-service deployers can benefit.

Profile: Nanonation president and CEO Bradley Walker

The software company's founder was recently inducted into the Self-Service and Kiosk Association's Hall of Fame.

London's Screen Media Expo in review

The U.K.'s largest digital signage show highlights the latest in video wall technology.

KioskCom, The Digital Signage Show to make case despite economy

Show organizers say that self-service, digital signage have much to offer in a down market. 

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