ID Tech debuts small EMV contactless reader

ID Tech, a payment solutions provider, is debuting Kiosk IV, which the company believes to be the smallest EMV contactless reader available to the unattended payment market, according to a press release.

With the latest EMV L1 contactless approval, and the most recent EMV kernels, integrators now have access to new features available to the contactless loyalty and payment market. Merchants can also accept payments from customers who are looking to pay using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay, while also offering support for Apple VAS and Google SmartTap 2.1 loyalty programs.

Mounting studs have been designed to be physically backwards compatible with the Kiosk II and Kiosk III contactless antennas, allowing for a seamless physical integration with the Kiosk IV. For those looking for secure protection of contactless cardholder data, the Kiosk IV supports TDES or AES encryption using DUKPT key management.

"With contactless payment adoption increasing every year, the Kiosk IV is designed to be integrated into spaces previously unavailable to contactless payment," Jason Hall, ID Tech unattended product manager, said in the release. 

By using the same NEO communication, the reader allows for seamless integration for those familiar with the Kiosk III reader line.

Picture courtesy of IT Tech.

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