KioWare releases new version for Android

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. has released a new version of the KioWare for Android kiosk system software product, according to a press release. A completely new app, the KioCall Android App, has also been released.

KioWare kiosk software products lock down the device into kiosk mode, which secures the overall operating system, home screen and use of applications. KioCall video conferencing allows for video conferencing calls to and from kiosks running KioWare kiosk system software.

Version 3.15 of KioWare for Android (Lite, Basic, and Full with Kiosk Management) has added a number of new features and UI improvements including password protection options for the configuration tool, an updated Android SDK (Version 26), ability to add superuser permissions when provisioning and more.

Using the KioCall Video Conferencing app, KioWare for Android can now accept incoming calls while in Attract mode. Additionally, the KioCall video conferencing app, previously available only for Windows devices, is now available as an Android app for use on Android devices such as phones and tablets. 

KioWare Lite for Android includes the following new features:

  • Support for battery management is provided via the ArmorActive Optica Pro LED enclosure. This enables an optimized charging profile to extend battery life and requires use of the KioWare Device Support app available in the Google Play store.
  • New password protection secures the KioWare Config tool. When this feature is utilized, users can modify the configuration tool only with appropriate permissions.
  • Kiosks running KioWare for Android can now accept KioCall calls during attract mode.
  • The Android SDK has been updated to Version 26, which includes user-requested permissions in compliance with Google Play.
  • Support has been added for WPA2 Enterprise WiFi networks.
  • Substitution variables are now allowed for the KioWare UserData folder.
  • A new file chooser has been added to select the settings XML file on the provisioning screen.

KioWare Basic for Android and KioWare Full for Android now allow device administrators to specify a currency when using CardEase devices.

The new KioCall Video Conferencing Android app, available at KioWare and Google Play, allows users to do the following:

  • See which kiosks and users are active.
  • Make calls to kiosks, users or groups.
  • Place queue or conference calls.
  • Accept incoming calls while logged in (even if the app is running in the background).
  • Set a ringtone or vibrate when receiving an incoming call.

The KioCall App can be set to start on boot, view front or rear cameras and auto-reconnect if the connection is lost. It now has the additional ability to change the user password.

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