Entrepreneurs launch self-serve cannabis dispensary

GreenSTOP, a self-service kiosk that allows customers to order and pick up packaged cannabis, is currently being tested with plans for a rollout in the fourth quarter of this year, according to Black Enterprise.

The four-sided kiosk allows customers to place orders via mobile phone or on the kiosk's touchscreen. The company plans to license its "smart dispensary" kiosks to businesses and charge them a fee to use the platform.

Co-founder Tim Island said the goal is to scale it across the U.S. as the country continues to legalize cannabis. He said there are an estimated 17,000 dispensaries nationwide and the number is expected to grow to upwards of 50,000 within the next five years. 


Topics: Interactive / Touchscreen, Pharmacy / Drug Kiosks, Retail, Transactional Kiosks

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