Bixolon launches new customer displays

Biloxon Co. Ltd., a mobile, label and POS printer manufacturer, has announced the launch of the BCD02000 and BCD-3000 mini Super Twister Nematic LCD customer displays.

Featuring flexible character display positioning and enhanced mono LCD display with variable brightness, Bixolon's new customer displays are designed to offer easy plug and play USB setup, accompanied with a user-friendly download and image display utility to provide logos and pictures on screen. 

The BCD-3000 is 287 percent smaller than standard customer displays and is designed for minimalistic mPOS environments. Supporting multiple cable paths for user convenience and an angle adjustable display from zero to 35 degrees, this mono LCD display supports up to two lines of text (40 characters) or logos or graphics.

The BDC-2000 supports a flexible design with adjustable height, optional wall mount, a 13-degree, five-option angle adjustor, and 360-degree screen rotation. Supporting easy connection to the host via a USB cable pass-through design, this enhanced mono LCD display supports up to four lines (120 characters) or logos or graphics.

The customer displays provide tablet compatibility through dedicated Android, iOS and Windows software development kits when connected to Bixolon's B-gate mPOS hub solutions (SRP-Q300H, BGT-100P) via a simple USB cable. 

"Bixolon's next generation in customer displays are fast, easy to read and highly reliable," John Kim, director of marketing, said in the press release. "The features of the BCD-2000 highlight the technology progression from its predecessor, the BDC-1000/1100, providing 250 percent enhanced reliability, advanced connectivity and improved display performance, whereas the BCD-3000 compact display complements Bixolon's SRP-Q300 cube printer to create a unique mPOS terminal."

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