Alabama town installs utility payment kiosks

Huntsville Utilities in Huntsville, Alabama, has installed three self-service payment kiosks that accept credit, debit, cash or check, according to WHNT-TV. Users can pay using a QR code printed on their paper bill. They scan their bill at the  kiosk, or take a picture of the QR code with their phone and scan that.

Users can also pay by scanning their driver’s license or by looking up their bill on the kiosk, by entering their account number, name or address.

Users can pay with dollar bills, but the machine does not give change. Any overage will be applied to their account. A $2.25 processing fee is charged for credit and debit card payments.

The payments are processed immediately, and users receive a printed receipt. Surveillance cameras monitor the kiosks 24/7.

An instructional video on the kiosk explains that no employees were laid off due to the kiosk installation. 

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