Free Wi-Fi kiosks go live in London

BT, the U.K. telecommunications carrier, has activated the first free gigabit Wi-Fi kiosks known as Links along London's Camden High Street, offering fast public Wi-Fi, free phone calls, USB charging, maps, directions and other information such as weather forecasts, community messages and Tube service updates, according to Engadget.

Like the New York City Wi-Fi kiosks, the London versions are also funded completely by advertising revenue generated from the large screens on either side.

Intersection – the affiliate that leads the Links project – decided not to enable free internet access through the kiosks' in-built tablets. This feature had to be disabled in New York City due to public porn watching.

Future plans include sensors for temperature, traffic, air and noise pollution.

Topics: Europe, Interactive / Touchscreen, Outdoor Kiosks, Wayfinding / Information

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