Portable health care kiosk to enable video consultations in remote areas

Equatel, a telecommunications company, provides a portable health screening kiosk to enable doctors to provide treatment to patients in remote areas in South Africa, according to Business Report in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gershon Gutmer, vice president of sales for Equatel, said the company only works with health care professionals and non-government organizations such as UNICEF. 

Users log into the system using a personal SIM or smart card. The patient consults with a doctor using a built-in high definition video camera and audio handset. The doctor is able to view symptoms in real time. If other check-ups such as blood pressure are needed, the doctor guides the patient through the kiosk's medical attachments and can view the results on their screen. 

The kiosk also has a solar-powered tablet to be able to function in locations that do not have electricity, keeping connected to the network up to 35 kilometers from a base station.

Topics: Healthcare / Hospitals, Interactive / Touchscreen

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