Mental health screening kiosk helps residents of Massachusetts town identify disorders

A mental health screening kiosk in Hudson, Massachusetts is assisting people in identifying disorders, according to The MetroWest Daily News. Mental health screening, designed by SMI Inc. of Wellesley, is offered online and through a kiosk at Hudson Town Hall.

The digital MindKare kiosk offers quick, anonymous and clinically-approved tests that can screen for eight different mental illnesses, including adolescent depression, bipolar disorder, clinical depression anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, alcoholism, substance abuse and eating disorders.

Since the program launched, an average of 30 people a month took the self-assessment. Two-thirds of the people who used a mental health screening showed signs of depression and anxiety disorder, said Sam Wong, director of public health and community services.

There is a separate test for each condition. The test does not ask for a name or any other identifying information. Questions include how often a person feels hopeless about the future, puts blame on themselves or uses drugs and alcohol.

Once the test is completed, the results are revealed, along with a list of local health resources. Wong is uncertain how many people have sought treatment after taking a screening.

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