Bretford introduces new features to charging lockers

Bretford has introduced the latest iteration of its TechGuard Connect charging lockers, offering an integrated 5-inch touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface, and RFID-powered check-in/check-out functionality, according to a press release.

Check-in/check-out mode turns TechGuard Connect into a self-service kiosk that lets customers check out available devices on a loaner basis with existing RFID cards, use the mobile device for a set period of time, then check it back in, providing accountability and traceability of managed devices.

TechGuard Connect, when paired with Bretford Connect, allows users to select from options that include check-in/check-out, assigned mode and shared mode. Assigned mode allows administrators to assign a specific bay to a specific user. Shared mode allows users to charge their device in any available bay. Once the device is charged and removed, the bay is available for the next user.

With Bretford Connect, administrators can manage lockers and users, access a robust log of locker and device use, and scale updates and use for thousands of lockers, all from a centralized interface, accessible from anywhere, the release said.

Topics: Manufacturers, Phone-charging Kiosks

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