RV parts manufacturer finds HR kiosks make company more efficient

Industrial equipment manufacturer upgrades from an internally developed HR kiosk to a more robust offering that provides employees critical information in a cost efficient manner.

Best practices for deploying interactive outdoor kiosks

With inclement weather upon much of the country, now is an opportune time to expand on best practices for deploying outdoor kiosks.

Forward thinking retailers: E-commerce doesn't diminish kiosks' role

Even with the commitment to e-commerce, forward-thinking retailers see a big future for self-serve kiosks. Kiosks are a proven technology and they can enhance the in-store buying.

Kiosk issue: 3G or not 3G, this is not a drill!

Self-serve devices that were or will be populated with 3G technology will very shortly be in need of upgrading. There are several questions that kiosk deployers should be asking themselves and their providers as they look to migrate to the future.

Catering services firm taps customer satisfaction kiosks to boost customer feedback

A customer satisfaction kiosk enables employers to get a fast and thorough sense of employee perception of the food they provide them onsite.

The top 5 uses for airport kiosks

Major airports saw wait times drop 30 percent from 27 minutes to under 20 minutes average wait at check in over the last decade. Kiosks are now providing even more airport services.

The electronic kiosk/tablet checklist: It’s all about the CRM

A checklist of features for self-serve kiosks and tablets should include a customer management platform that allows information managers to perform routine tasks more efficiently.

Self-serve kiosks help a startup introduce its menu: Part 2

Léa French Street Food has found that introducing self-serve kiosks as part of a restaurant launch can deliver a high level of kiosk use.

Experts offer guidance on how to fight rising cybercrime

Cybercrime presents a serious threat and companies have a lot of work to do to reduce their vulnerability. Fortunately, there are resources available to assist them in the effort.

Virtual concierge: A new level of personal assistance for hospitality

The intelligent virtual assistant gives companies an opportunity to leverage their existing digital infrastructure to offer personalized assistance to customers and associates.

Media Gallery: Interactive technologies take center stage at Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo trade show floor demonstrated a interactive technologies that support the convergence of the entertainment, hospitality and foodservice industries.

AI and virtual reality moving mainstream for hospitality operations

Research from Oracle Corporation presented at the Global Gaming Expo quantifies rising consumer acceptance of new technology in hotels and restaurants.

Global Gaming Expo showcases convergence of entertainment, hospitality and foodservice

Exhibits on the show floor included a large number loyalty redemption kiosks, cash management kiosks, card dispensing kiosks and kiosk software.

Dave & Buster's entertainment play: Interactive technology played a key role

In his keynote address at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, Dave & Buster's CEO noted the role interactive technology played in transitioning to a mixed foodservice and entertainment brand.

Kiosks drive add-on orders for French street food startup

The self-order kiosks enable customized orders, delivering higher tickets for this startup offering French street food.

How 'enhanced personalization' boosts in-store buying opportunities

As technologies evolve merging the physical with the digital, brands are finding new ways to meet customers' shopping needs in the store.

Redefining automated retailing part 4: Streaming video to play a role

Streaming video content must be targeted to the audience, and it has to take into consideration how much time the viewer has to view the video.

Has automated retailing’s time finally arrived in the US?

There are 10 new automated retailing systems that I have counted in the last 12 months from the U.S., Europe and Asia, including Bodega. The concept, despite the challenges and past failures, just won’t die.

Restaurateur shares benefits, pitfalls of kiosk deployment (Part 2)

An independent fast casual encountered its fair share of challenges in deploying self-order kiosks. The restaurant's co-founder and the kiosk vendor weigh in.

‘Bodega Mania’ fails to make the case for technology

Hopefully, Bodega's social media firestorm will help educate the automated retailing industry and the technology community about the need to be direct with the public on important forthcoming changes.

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