Kiosk news top 5: May edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Kiosk news top 5: May edition

In a few weeks, summer will be here, bearing a bouquet of May flowers and a variety of features about kiosks for restaurants. In particular, the most-read stories examined QSR kiosk deployments and whether those kiosks will replace workers.

There has been a lot of talk about kiosk deployments in the QSR industry lately, most of it involving McDonald's and Wendy's. Some believe that kiosks will make employees obsolete at these and other QSRs. One of our top stories examines whether this is true.

Other most-read stories cover topics such as cannabis kiosks and kiosk problem-solving. Here are the top five features for May, listed in reverse order.

5. Kiosks provide customer experience boost for local governments

Local governments often fail when it comes to customer service. However, some are beginning to realize that kiosks aren't just for your local retailer and can provide the needed boost to improve customer satisfaction. They are using them to help residents renew their vehicle licenses, pay bills, test their car emissions and many other tasks.

Click here to find out how kiosks are boosting customer experience for government services.

4. How kiosks can solve problems

When you first design a kiosk, you need to keep in mind what problem it is solving. While it is easy to get caught up in the details of the project, if you don't keep this problem in mind, the industry will be full of kiosk solutions that don't actually solve customer problems.

Click here to learn how kiosks can act as problem solvers.

3. Cannabis kiosks: The next revolution in self-service

As states legalize marijuana usage, banks still refuse to engage with sellers. Kiosks are helping fill this payments gap by providing money management and vending services for cannabis sellers.

Click here to learn more about how kiosks are aiding the cannabis industry.

2. Why restaurant ordering kiosks won't replace employees

Many pundits believe that self-ordering kiosks are the way restaurants will replace their employees, in light of minimum wage increases. However, is this adage true? Are self-ordering kiosks designed to replace employees at McDonald's or do something else?

Click here to learn about the role of restaurant kiosks.

1. Panera 2.0 surges forward

The fast casual restaurant has seen a sales increase of 6.2 percent this quarter since it deployed its self-ordering kiosks and mobile ordering app. Its overall sales have also gone up 28 percent since Panera first launched the initiative.

Click here to learn the highlights of the restaurants technology push.

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