Seattle startup tests light-therapy kiosks to fight vitamin D deficiency

Solius, a Seattle startup, has begun testing for a light-therapy kiosk that provides bursts of light to stimulate vitamin D production, according to GeekWire.

Vitamin D is vital to bone health and other body functions, but requires sunlight for synthesis, which is particularly lacking during winter in northern climes. Solius began the clinical trial in the Seattle area and plans to launch the kiosks in Canada.

CEO Rick Hennessey said the kiosks provide a better solution to vitamin D deficiency than the traditional methods of spending time in the sun or taking supplements. One 2- to 4-minute light therapy session with the self-serve kiosk delivers the same amount of vitamin D as standing in the sun for 20 minutes, he said, but does not expose people to as much harmful radiation as sun exposure. 

The company has enrolled 150 people in its Seattle clinical trial, which is required before the kiosk solution can be submitted for FDA approval. 

Hennessey said that Solius, which has 13 employees, has raised $10 million, and plans to address other health problems in addition to  vitamin D deficiency.

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