Olea Kiosks to debut patient check-in kiosk line at HIMSS 2017

Olea Kiosks will launch an all-new line of healthcare kiosks at HIMSS 2017 Feb. 19-23 in Orlando, Florida, according to a press release.The company's healthcare kiosks have completed millions of patient check-ins across the U.S. for companies such as Kaiser-Permanente, Cedars-Sinai, Bluecross Blueshield and others.

"Healthcare is very important to us," Frank Olea, CEO of the Los Angeles-based tech and manufacturing company, said in the press release.

"It's a huge opportunity right now to do great things and really make a difference in the way patients interact with their providers, and the way providers can streamline the business side of their facilities and become more competitive."

"After last year's show, we examined our existing products, the needs we were meeting in the market, and how we could serve the market better," Olea said. "This year, you'll see the results of that thinking."

The 2017 Olea Kiosks healthcare line includes two models.

Verona, Olea's flagship model, includes a set of features with the industry's only no-effort, height-adjustability to ensure the kiosk can be accessed easily by all patients, whether standing or in a wheelchair.



"There are other kiosks on the market that can be raised and lowered, but we believe the strength required to move the monitor could be too much for frail or elderly patients—some of the people who most need the functionality," Olea said. "Ours requires no more than the push of a button to raise or lower the screen over a true 10-inch vertical range."

What's more, because Olea has expertise in working with kiosks across multiple industries, it's been able to keep the cost of Verona to thousands less than some competing kiosks, Olea said.

Standard components—including 19-inch Elo capacitive touch technology with accurate onscreen signature capture, privacy filter, EMV-compliant payment devices, duplex ID scanner and printer—are all designed for easy use by patients. The hardware system can be accessed and serviced efficiently. The kiosk is ADA-compliant, and all internal systems are accessible through the front of the unit, making it suitable for placement against a wall or with another Verona unit back-to-back.

Optional components include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity;
  • Magnetic card reader; and
  • Biometric identification device (fingerprint, iris or palm)
Boston 2.0

Olea will debut the second generation of its most popular healthcare kiosk at the show, the Boston 2.0.

Olea said the kiosk has been re-designed from the ground up. Features include:

  • A new 19-inch Elo IntelliTouch (SAW) touchscreen with privacy filter;
  • Choice of energy-efficient LED upper light box or 19-inch LCD monitor for ads, internal marketing, branding and more;
  • Newly-engineered internal layout for easier access and more room for components;
  • Ability to add the most recent EMV hardware;
  • Expanded internal space for added components and maintenance ease;
  • Recessed touchscreen for added privacy;
  • Barcode scanner;
  • Magnetic card reader;
  • Electronic signature pad;
  • 8.5-inch thermal printer;
  • High-volume cooling fan; and
  • Audio jack

Optional are Wi-Fi connectivity, web camera, stainless trackball and biometric devices.

"There are thousands of Boston kiosks deployed across the country," Olea said. "They have seamlessly completed millions of check-ins. We knew we had big shoes to fill with the new generation. We believe we got it right."


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