Meridian launches interactive building directory solution

Dec. 16, 2016

Meridian has launched MzeroDirectMe, a building directory software application, according to a press release. The solution offers visitors an interactive, easy-to-use directory solution. "DirectMe is intuitive and interactive, making it easier than ever for visitors to reach their destination," said Chris Gilder, CEO of Meridian.

DirectMe enhances visitor experience through self-service wayfinding, and can be tailored to meet company specifications. The building directory was created for high-density areas including corporate offices, hospitals and government buildings. 

DirectMe allows users to search for information, send the information to their mobile device and print a physical copy of the directory information. "We wanted to create a self-service solution for high-density business buildings and geographically spread campuses," Paul Burden, director of software at Meridian, said in the press release.

DirectMe is built on MzeroPlatform, Meridian’s software solution which provides system performance management, system security and a range of component support. The self-service software can support a number of devices and features including printers, VoIP and SMS.

The company will add emergency messaging to DirectMe in the new year, allowing for building and campus-wide alerts.

Topics: Wayfinding / Information

Companies: Meridian

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