Carle Foundation Hospital rolls out digital wayfinding solution

The Carle Foundation Hospital recently rolled out MediNav, a wayfinding solution from Connexient. The solution is designed to offer "turn-by-turn indoor navigation," according to a press release.

MediNav is designed for a variety of channels including kiosks, digital signage, mobile and online. The solution offers indoor maps and step-by-step instructions for visitors. It also provides analytics on how patients travel throughout the hospital.

The hospital selected MediNav as part of its push for an "airline check-in model" user experience, which will sync patient scheduling with wayfinding to craft a better customer experience.

"Carle's commitment to world class patient experience and healthcare transformation is exemplified in how they are moving forward with us to deploy the innovative 'airline check-in model' user experience," Mark Green, CEO and co-founder of Connexient, said in the release. "Tightly integrating wayfinding with patient appointment scheduling will provide Carle with a solid return on investment, in terms of reducing appointment no-shows and late starts."

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