Artificial intelligence health care kiosk demonstrated to NBA

Aspire Ventures, an artificial intelligence provider, has introduced its AI-powered health care technology platform, Connexion, to athletes at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas after demonstrating the platform to attendees of the NBA Combine in Chicago, the company announced on its website.

Connexion uses sensors that can be harnessed for a a variety of health applications. Some are calling it the "iPhone of Health Care." The first application, powered by Fusionetics' movement efficiency technology, primarily addresses the sports industry. The website describes Connexion as a kiosk that fuses multiple sensors with artificial intelligence for automated health assessments that gives patients easy access to assessments and recommendations for next steps in their care.

Connexion has gained interest from trainers, athletic directors, doctors and NBA teams all over the country, in addition to interest from athletic executives abroad.

Several teams and coaches spent hours with the Connexion, asking questions about how it works, and how they can incorporate it into their own training programs. 

Topics: Future Trends, Healthcare / Hospitals

Companies: Fusionetics, Aspire Ventures

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