The ZIVELO Difference: The Art of Multi-Sourcing

The ZIVELO Difference: The Art of Multi-Sourcing


We understand that it’s risky to choose 1 supplier when investing in new technology. But with ZIVELO, you aren’t working with 1 supplier. Instead, we are navigating relationships with multiple manufacturing and supply sources for you. This ensures that there is no single point of failure anywhere in our manufacturing and supply chain so we can meet demands and deadlines 100% of the time. We’re your “one hand to shake” in the process of adopting self-service technology.

  • As a standard, ZIVELO maintains relationships with multiple manufacturing partners in order to handle fluxes in volume and to mitigate any potential risk due to unforeseen circumstances at the manufacturing facilities.
  • ZIVELO has strategically partnered with manufacturers in various locations throughout the United States to diminish the effect of any regional disruptions.
  • Each of the manufacturing facilities is capable of individually meeting volume demands in the unlikely event that one of the manufacturers becomes non-functional.
  • Our manufacturing partners give us access to over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity, and thousands of dedicated manufacturing and assembly personnel.
  • The components that go inside our kiosks can also be multi-sourced from virtually any provider that we, or our clients, have a relationship with, or desire to work with. Our modular, future-friendly chassis design allows for the integration of varying component form-factors without modification of the enclosure.


Topics: Interactive / Touchscreen

Companies: ZIVELO LLC

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