Company launches iPad kiosk with secure credit card reader

Retailers looking to create kiosks using iPads now have an easy way to transform them into POS systems, according to a company press release from, a sub-brand of Spartadata. The company's iPad kiosk enclosure now includes a built-in magnetic card reader and swiper.

The built-in three-track reader is PCI Compliant and comes bundled with an SDK which allows any card with a mag stripe to be read and used for any purpose through app integration. In addition to having this capability it also supports the iPad 2 and 3 front facing camera for a second purpose beyond taking pictures. This camera can be used to capture and read bar codes, face recognition and much more via various open source libraries, according to the company.

"Developers can easily build direct card reader integration and workflows unique to their app and instantly begin accepting card present transactions," according to the release. "This is just the beginning, the reader can also read loyalty cards, id cards, gift cards, just about anything with a mag stripe on it. There is no requirement to use any particular payment processor or gateway. The customer is free to integrate to any platform and or gateway."

The company also has various modulated add-ons on queue for release in the coming weeks, including a chip-and-PIN card reader and a 2D laser bar code reader.

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