Ransomware Attacks a Major Threat

Ransomware attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate and are now one of the main types of data breaches. Download this infographic for a more in-depth look at this new phenomenon.

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New Data Breach Patterns Emerge

Data breaches have continued to hit the headlines. Download this new infographic which looks at some interesting updates from recent industry reports, including who the top perpetrators are, the tactics and motivations behind the attacks, and which industries are being targeted.

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Criminals Targeting POS and Payments Data

Find out what types of data breaches happen most frequently and the countries being affected by downloading this new infographic. We look at denial of service, web application attacks and payment card skimming, POS vulnerabilities and identity theft, among others.

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What’s in store for 2017? Part 2: Mobile payments’ impact on kiosks will vary

Smart phones are driving an ecommerce revolution. While mobile payment can adversely affect the need for kiosks in some situations, most industry observers see mobile payments as another payment option that kiosk operators need to consider to meet consumer buying habits.

Bicycles, strollers, now Rug Doctors? Kiosk rentals going far beyond DVDs

Rug Doctor has piloted self-service carpet cleaner-rental kiosks. What's next?

Students write prescription for kiosk success

A drug-dispensing kiosk took home top honors at Coinstar Inc.'s February Whiteboard Challenge at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Coinstar, parent company of redbox DVD-rental kiosks and Coinstar coin-counting kiosks, hosted the competition last month to stir...

Mobile payments in the U.S. remain an attractive but elusive idea: Study

A variety of approaches to the concept are in the works around the globe as firms seek entry to this promising field.

Visa, Discover and major banks begin testing mobile phone payments

A who's who of bankers, payment networks and telecom carriers have joined in seperate projects to pilot mobile payments in New York and Atlanta.

Senate passes interchange restriction bill

In a surprise move, the U.S. Senate last night passed the Electronic Check Parity Act of 2010, which would give the Federal Reserve Board oversight authority on the fees imposed on debit transactions.

Vigix rolling out ‘first true vending kiosks'

Vigix Inc. will be featuring a new vending kiosk solution at April's KioskCom show in Las Vegas, and the company is confident the system it's calling the "first true vending kiosk" will be a showstopper.

ATMIA: Nautilus Hyosung, Linq3 make ATMs into lotto kiosks

Video: Nautilus Hyosung and Linq3 say lottery ticket dispensing at the ATM is getting attention and offering ATM ISOs additional sources for revenue.

TIO expanding Best Buy billpay kiosk deployment

TIO Networks is about to double the number of its billpay kiosks deployed in Best Buy stores — and that could still be just the tip of the iceberg.

Cash management, mobile and retail optimization focus of Wincor World

Cash management takes on a stronger focus at Wincor Nixdorf's annual fair, as economic pressures continue to force banks and retailers to look for better ways to do business.

Will chip-and-PIN mean fewer transactional kiosks in the future?

Commentary: Differing payments regulations may be to blame for the widening gap in European and U.S. installed base numbers.

Maximizing self-service revenue with credit card processing

Commentary: The credit card-processing industry is far more complicated than it seems. To maximize self-service profitability, deployers must understand how processing works and use it to their advantage.

Tranax focusing on the unbanked with latest self-service apps

The ATM manufacturer recently held a one-day seminar in Dallas to present ISOs with its latest kiosk offerings.

Commentary: Understanding self-service deployment agreements

Deployment agreements define the legal relationship between a self-service supplier and the owner of the site where the equipment is deployed. Here are the four basic areas every deployment agreement should cover.

Special summit will again offer secure, open forum for deployers

Away from suppliers and media, users can share questions, concerns for their self-service projects.

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