InRouter611 & InRouter615 User Manual

Download user manual for detailed configuration. 

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2017 Kiosk Marketplace Most Innovative Kiosk Awards

Kiosk Marketplace announces the winners of its inaugural Kiosk Marketplace Most Innovative Kiosk Awards, with six nominees taking honors in eight customer categories based on votes from Kiosk Marketplace readers.

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Opportunities for Self-Service Technology in 2017

The upcoming year promises to be an active one for kiosks and similar self-service devices.

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EMV’s impact on kiosk owners, part 1

The US trails other markets in converting to the more secure EMV protocol for equipment that accepts credit cards. Credit card brands have issued cards with electronic chips, but adoption of EMV compliant equipment has not kept pace with consumers.

Looking for secure self storage? Kiosks play a role

A secure storage facility requires three elements: a kiosk, an internal lock system and a break-in alarm. In addition to security, the system brings efficiency.

The price of self-service, part 1: lowering the cost of kiosk hardware and components

Hardware and components have to be tested for compatibility and reliability. Most hardware companies will give a prospective customer a free 30-day evaluation of their components.

A year after the US deadline, EMV compliance lags: Part 2 — What's being done

While several payment gateways have done a good job of making it easier to integrate hardware with transaction processors, a handful of software vendors and kiosk manufacturers have also established a good track record for supporting EMV-compliant systems.

Heart of the matter

How kiosks have enabled the Halle Heart Children’s Museum in Tempe, Arizona, to open wide its doors to the public.

Why tablets can't fully replace stand-alone kiosks

Tablet kiosks are becoming popular, and business owners naturally want to catch up on the trends. But tablet kiosks aren't the fix-all that businesses would like them to be, and they have several built-in limitations that aren't immediately noticeable. Before...

5 critical questions for your next hardware vendor

Without great hardware from a great supplier, the odds of a successful deployment fall fast.

Pad-emonium: Do customers really want tablets?

Don't get me wrong. I love the new iPad.

Why you should be using bill acceptor cleaning cards

For the last blog in my series on cleaning cards, I would like to talk about bill acceptor cleaning cards. Did you know that when a bill is rejected, it is often due to the accumulation of contaminants such as...

How to select a kiosk printer: Part 5

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year for 2012! Now let's continue on with our selection of a kiosk printer. Read Parts 1-4 here. We're now up to the interface type.

Reliability and the total cost of ownership

Maintaining a competitive cost structure is an obvious requirement in order to be able to offer an effective pricing model. On the other hand, by design, kiosks operate in rugged conditions relative to most other computing environments.

Benefits of using card reader cleaning cards

As a follow-up to my blog post on Why your kiosk transactions are failing, I want to talk in more detail about card reader cleaning cards and how they will help to keep your kiosk running smoothly. When used as a scheduled maintenance product, card reader cleaning cards can help prevent reader failures.

When saving money goes bad: The dangers of buying kiosks from China

Every now and then, I'm approached by a potential manufacturer who guarantees to cut my kiosk manufacturing costs without finding out what my expenses are. I think to myself, "Can this manufacturer really be that much cheaper that I'm guaranteed...

Why your kiosk transactions are failing

Did you know that contamination from dirt, oil and debris could be the cause of your failed transactions? At first these contaminants cause intermittent read errors, but over time they will get gradually worse. In order to keep your kiosk...

Help, there's an iPad in my kiosk!

Even though it's just over a year old, the iPad has become one of the most well-known and technologically-advanced products to hit the market, and consumers have become fast adopters. Following quickly on the heels of consumer excitement, more companies...

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