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Top 4 Elements in Choosing a Kiosk Installation and Repair Company

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
May 19, 2015

Self-service kiosks are becoming an integral part of our lives. The key to the success of this technology is keeping those machines up and running. If a potential customer approaches a kiosk and that kiosk is out of order, they may give it one more try. But if they approach a second time and it's still out of order, they'll likely never return. This white paper, sponsored by Fujifilm, explains the four considerations when choosing a kiosk installation and repair company, including:

  • Reports
  • Metrics
  • Manpower availability
  • Overall experience

FUJIFILM North America Corporation

Fujifilm Technical Services and Support offers a wide range of specialty services throughout North America that help businesses improve and expand their operations. With Fujifilm Technical Services and Support, businesses can depend on Fujifilm’s high-quality expertise in Kiosk and Automated Retail machine installation and service, onsite printer installation and service, software and hardware modifications, and onsite customer training.

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