Click and Collect: A $42B Opportunity in the US

Click and Collect: A $42B Opportunity in the USPublication Type:
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Digital influence on retail is becoming more obvious each year and is impacting the state of retail companies of any size. Retail Apocalypses, Retail Transformation, Brands Must Adapt, Digital Transformation are just a few of the many taglines that describe the industry changes.

While the operating environment for the brick and mortar retailers is brutal as evidenced by the number of stores going out of business, there is light at the end of the rough retail tunnel. It is critical to understand business models that are expanding in North America and globally now. Go digital and you will be touching the future!

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Qwick Media is a leading provider of touchscreen technology and self-service kiosk manufacturer. We specialize in turnkey interactive self-service kiosk and digital signage solutions and serve major industries, including retail, hospitality, tourism, government, education, healthcare, and entertainment.



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