Canopy IoT Platform

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A typical Banyan engagement involving the deployment of Canopy includes the following key objectives:

  • Analysis and Assessment
  • Stabilization of Existing Technology Ecosystem
  • Canopy Deployment
  • Maintenance and Support

The introduction of Canopy will be a key strategic component of the technology road map. Canopy provides the business with all of the tools necessary to run a network of devices at scale from a single centralized management platform. We use the phrase “One time, real-time” to describe what Canopy does, as it perfectly summarizes the fact that Canopy takes real-time data from a network and centralizes it into a single management platform to support operations.

Banyan Hills Technologies

Banyan Hills Technologies is an IoT company and a trusted partner for innovative software solutions. Our IoT solution, Canopy™, is the most advanced platform for enabling connectivity, insights and actions for networks of unattended devices.

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