Add Value to Business with Phone and Tablet Charging Station

Deliver key information to your customers while providing them with a secure and convenient way to charge their mobile devices. Monetize high traffic areas by selling advertisement space on your screen.

Type: Brochure

Sponsor: Qwick Media, Inc.

Austin Visitor's Center & Self-Service Kiosks

Advanced Kiosks interviews Ryan Holbrook, It Support Manager at Austin Visitors Center, about their i2 Kiosk. Similiar to the Monolith, this retro design creates beautiful displays for providing tourists with information on Austin.

Type: General

Sponsor: Advanced Kiosks

Remote kiosk monitoring offers control, security

In 2005, Tampa International Airport decided it needed to make a few changes. The airport terminal, one of the busiest in the country, caters to tourists and business travelers year-round. Providing information to Florida visitors about goings-on in and around the Tampa Bay area was something the airport deemed important.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KioWare

Modified kiosk software propels Uniguest to become hotel market's leading Internet kiosk reseller

To offer hotels safe and affordable public Internet kiosks, Uniguest turned to PROVISIO's customizable kiosk software.

Type: Case Study


Creating an Impact in German Travel

Sonneklar.TB wanted to open a redesigned travel agency in Munich, which would act as a Flagship store for an intended roll-out of 200 franchised stores over three years. After the first 200 stores, an additional 250 would be redesigned.

Type: Case Study

Parking Kiosks Offer Convenience and Profits

As fewer people carry cash, parking kiosks that accept credit cards are less expensive to install and can increase revenue.

Type: White Paper

Advantages of Smart Cards in Kiosk Applications

As kiosks become more ubiquitous, deployers are looking for ways to expand functionality while minimizing the environmental impact. Smart cards allow for less paper waste, are recyclable and can contain more information than a mag stripe.

Type: White Paper

Self-service facilitates passenger movement

From both an airport and a passenger perspective, there are a number of "pain points" that can be eased through the application of self-service to passenger movement. At airports, current processes are often too labor and space intensive, and congestion...

Type: Guide

Remote Media Create 3D Virtual Holiday for Thomson

With increasing competition from the Internet, Thomson wanted a way to keep customers coming to their shops. They needed something to stimulate the feel good factor that is associated with going on holiday. It is Thomson’s mission to be the last remaining High Street travel agent. It was then that the idea to “try before you buy” was conceived.

Type: Case Study

Straightforward Self-Service: How passenger empowerment can benefit all stakeholders in the air travel industry

In an industry which is shifting from a transportation-centric to a travellercentric model, airports and airlines have much to gain from implementing business processes which improve the passenger experience at every step of the journey.

Type: Guide

Case Study: Mobile Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Mobile Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau is charged with attracting visitors and conventions to the Mobile Bay area and strengthening Mobile's image as a national destination. As part of its efforts, the Mobile Bay CVB decided to better promote...

Type: Case Study

Hyatt deploys boarding pass kiosks in lobbies

American Exhibits, Hyatt, VSi, partner for airline ticket kiosks. The deal gives all U.S. and Canadian Hyatt guests access to in-lobby ticket printing.

Type: Case Study

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