Five Keys for a Successful Kiosk Pilot Program

A pilot program to test the efficacy of a kiosk deployment can be a crucial step to a successful rollout. To have the most effective pilot program, it's important to consider issues such as the purpose of the kiosk, location and the education of customers.

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Tapping into the DVD Rental Market

DVD rental kiosks are growing in popularity. Learn how partnering with an innovative technology company can help you maximize ROI in this lucrative market.

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Webinar: Kiosk ROI

Three letters separate successes from failures: ROI. But return on investment is not always easy to achieve or measure. In this webinar, we’ll present success stories from innovative companies, discuss tangible and intangible savings, metrics, collection methods, and measurement approaches.

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Kiosks: The Complete Story on ROI

The value of investing in a kiosk network deployment depends in large part on the return on that investment. Learn the revenue potential of a kiosk network and the factors a deployer needs to consider when calculating ROI.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Kiosks

A kiosk is useless if it is unplugged or employees aren't knowledgeable about it. But what about other factors, like connectivity and cash acceptance? Learn about the more obscure elements of kiosk ROI.

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Cash Acceptance and Self-Service ROI

A kiosk that sells products or services had better take cash. Fortunately, building cash acceptance into your deployment is easier and more reliable than ever.

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