Judicial Efficiency through the use of Self-service Kiosks

The kiosks provide the means by which applicants access the judicial system’s software.

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Behind the Screens | 6 Touch Technologies

Learn about the functions, features and flaws behind six different touch screen technologies.

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O6 Solutions

Our O6, outdoor kiosk model is commonly used to provide parking kiosk solutions. It is a rugged, vandal-resistant model that can be used as an unattended solution, perfect for the distribution and payment of parking tickets or fees.

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X6 Solutions

The X6 has a rugged, stainless steel enclosure that makes it vandal-resistant and ideal for high traffic locations.

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Small-Screen Displays in a Retail Environment

As digital signage evolves, more retailers are using the technology to make an impact. Small screens can be an inexpensive way to influence customers at the point of purchase.

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Sponsor: Industrial Image, Inc.

Modified kiosk software propels Uniguest to become hotel market's leading Internet kiosk reseller

To offer hotels safe and affordable public Internet kiosks, Uniguest turned to PROVISIO's customizable kiosk software.

Type: Case Study


Multi-Touch Interactivity: Redefining the In-Store Customer Experience

The economic downturn, coupled with the near-universal adoption of mobile web devices, has permanently changed the way consumers shop. Shopping trips begin online or at instore kiosks, and price comparisons and coupon searches via a variety of mediums are increasingly commonplace.

Type: White Paper

Shopping in Greece with Carrefour

Acquire's System Integraton and Network Management partner, i-Contact, facilitated the requirement for large screen displays in the Carrefour supermarkets to display special offers and promotions.

Type: Case Study

Benefits of a Remote Monitoring and Security Solution

Remote monitoring offers simple troubleshooting to keep a kiosk running smoothly.

Type: White Paper

Palm taps D2 for Treo 680 kiosks

The premise for Palm’s new Treo 680 seemed simple enough: upgrade a favorite PDA, repackage it under a new name, and sell it to more customers at the lowest price point of any Treo – less than $200. Typical Treo...

Type: Case Study

Routt Homes tapped SMART for virtual house tours

SMART's interactive digital signs allow potential customers to tour custom homes that aren't yet built.

Type: Case Study

Assisted Selling and the Point of Decision

With more choices than ever before, customers need information at the point of decision on an infinite array of products. Digital technology can help retailers reach them.

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