mzero Software Infographic Overview

The Mzero software suite is self-service business infrastructure software designed to integrate and enhance the functionality of each component to create an environment that communicates effectively with your kiosk application.

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Prior Planning Prevents (Really) Poor Kiosk Performance

A self-service kiosk project can save a company money and help it better serve customers, or it can be a colossal waste of money. One of the keys to a successful project is thorough planning.

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Waiting in Line | Real and Perceived Wait Time

Actual and perceived wait time can be positively impacted with the implementation of kiosks, effectively improving customer satisfaction, decreasing wait time, and increasing the number of transactions.

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Tapping into the DVD Rental Market

DVD rental kiosks are growing in popularity. Learn how partnering with an innovative technology company can help you maximize ROI in this lucrative market.

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Kiosk Branding

Kiosks are increasingly becoming an accepted part of the retail environment, but a kiosk's message is more than just the service it provides.

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Kiosks Are Here -- Are You Ready?

For several years running there have been an average of more than 125 new self-service kiosks installed every day in North America, according to some estimates. Retailers who for years wondered if kiosks were right for their operations are increasingly answering yes. Why is a new kiosk coming online approximately every 11 minutes?

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Putting Small Form-Factor Kiosks to Work in Retail

Often times the question is asked, “Kiosks make sense for our stores, but how can we justify the investment?” The answer is to find a low cost device, with a versatile feature set, that can multi-task, and be more than...

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The Best $1,000 a Retailer Can Spend

Mini-kiosks are versatile, multi-tasking devices that can be used by customers and store personnel to make the shopping experience less frustrating, more efficient and more enjoyable.

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Parking Kiosks Offer Convenience and Profits

As fewer people carry cash, parking kiosks that accept credit cards are less expensive to install and can increase revenue.

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Kiosks Create New Revenue Streams in Convenience Stores

As traditional areas of revenue weaken, kiosks offer a wide assortment of products and services that can help bring customers into the store.

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Kiosks: The Complete Story on ROI

The value of investing in a kiosk network deployment depends in large part on the return on that investment. Learn the revenue potential of a kiosk network and the factors a deployer needs to consider when calculating ROI.

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A kiosk deployment can generate revenue in a number of different ways. The value of investing in a kiosk network depends in large part on the return on that investment. This research center is designed to show the revenue potential of a kiosk network and the factors a deployer needs to consider when determining ROI.