Real Life Success of a Self-Service Kiosk Solution

Presenting a real life success story of a turnkey self-service solution deployed in the City of Saint John. Take a close look at Qwick Media approach, process and end result. Learn how to become more efficient, maximize on the spot spend and decrease media and advertising cost.

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Whitepaper: Kiosks on College Campuses & the State Funding Crisis

Currently, the largest problem U.S. colleges and universities are facing is overcrowding and lack of state funding. According to the National Center for Education Statistics..

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Whitepaper: Improving Efficiency & Public Independence in the Government

In several departments of the government, self-service kiosks have been made a primary source of efficiency and organization.

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Kiosks in Health Care 101

The health care industry is increasing its use of self-service kiosks in areas ranging from patient check-in to doctor consultations to the filling of prescriptions.

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Maine Innovates Client Services with Self-Service Kiosks

Advanced Kiosks interviews Jeanne Garza, Program Manager of the Eligibility Management Future State Program at the Office for Family Independence in Maine. In this interview, Garza explains the benefit of using Document kiosks to help people apply for and receive state benefits.

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This document is to help people make sure that they get what is best for their project, and not a cheaper or inferior product that may cause bigger problems in the long run.

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Case Study: TouchPoint Solutions helps Promedia 'catapult' to victory for vets

Promedia is on a mission. The California-based technology developer is rolling out a nationwide network of access terminals to deliver government-sponsored health and benefits information to U.S. service veterans. Discover how Catapult provided the key to success.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Touchpoint Electronic Solutions, LLC

The Waiting Dead: Preventing the zombie apocalypse with self-service kiosks [infographic]

While there's no single elixir to eradicate life's many lines, there's certainly an arsenal of interactive technology that businesses can rely upon to prevent their customers from catching the disease of The Waiting Dead.

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Cash Automation Devices: How to Choose the Right One for Your Application

Cash management is a complicated affair. Learn the ins and outs of cash acceptors, dispensers and recyclers.

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Demystifying RFID: What Every Businessperson Needs to Know

Sign up now to receive this free special publication on radio frequency ID technology and what it will mean to your business.

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Government agencies on local, state and national levels are increasingly using self-service kiosk technology to provide better service to citizens at a lower cost to taxpayers.