Velocity Cellcast Connects Retail Digital Signage Opportunity for Success

Industry veteran Jeff Porter was faced with a tight timeline and a challenging IT environment trying to get his retail digital signage project off the ground. See how Microspace’s VELOCITY CELLCAST solution proved to be the right choice.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Microspace Communication Corp.

Prepaid + Payment Kiosks = The Perfect Fit

Bill payment kiosks provide a boost for the launch of prepaid programs.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: U.S. Payments

Automated Failover to Support In-Store Operations

Golden Corral needed to eliminate the pains associated with processing credit card payments during network and POS downtime. Microspace’s VELOCITY CELLCAST solution proved to be the right answer to enhance their existing network redundancy measures.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Microspace Communication Corp.

Analyst Report: Securosis - Tokenization vs Encryption

In this research paper, Analyst and CTO of independent research analyst firm, Securosis, Adrian Lane discusses appropriate uses for tokenization, and why companies are looking to this new approach to secure sensitive data.

Type: White Paper

HSBC Intellvisions Newsletter

HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations. They are marketed worldwide as the 'the worlds's local bank'. HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial services to around 95 mission customers through four customer groups and...

Type: Brochure

Parking Kiosks Offer Convenience and Profits

As fewer people carry cash, parking kiosks that accept credit cards are less expensive to install and can increase revenue.

Type: White Paper

The Washington National Cathedral: Supporting a Mission

Because of a trend away from carrying cash toward carrying debit and credit cards, leadership at the Washington National Cathedral considered ways to make it more convenient for those who felt led to support the cathedral’s mission. Cathedral leaders worked...

Type: Case Study

Rugged Reader Manufacturer Helps Keep Redbox Units Functioning in Tough Conditions

All the hardware on a DVD-rental kiosk needs to be able to withstand a variety of elements, from rough customer use to inclement weather. Redbox Automated Retail turned to ID TECH to provide a rugged card reader that would ensure the kiosks could always accept payment.

Type: Case Study

No more unpaid parking tickets in Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee wanted to automate the collection of parking citation payments and sales of mandatory night street parking permit stickers. Pay-Ease Inc. served up a self-service solution that deployed kiosks into private sector retail venues for collecting parking...

Type: Case Study

Expanding ATM Usage in a Credit Crunch

Retailers can benefit from the growing popularity of cash by installing an ATM in the store itself. Customers enjoy the convenience, and studies show that more cash is spent in a store with an ATM, increasing revenue. Access to surcharge...

Type: White Paper

Take Your Kiosk to the Next Level

Credit and debit payment for retail products and services is growing, but a customer’s preferred method of payment in 6 of 10 transactions is cash. Our solution enables customer payment preferences, whether credit card, debit card, prepaid card or cash....

Type: Mini-Guide

ID TECH helps one company make customer card-use easier

ZoomSystems needed a reliable PIN pad and barcode reader for its self-service retail stores. ZoomSystems partnered with ID TECH to implement a system that allowed customers to use debit and gift cards at its ZoomShops. ID TECH provided inexpensive and reliable payment-acceptance functionality, increasing customer convenience.

Type: Case Study

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